Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Here you will find our specification of how you may use the redirection service as well as what your homepage is not allowed to contain when using our service.

Site Contents:

The following is a non-exclusive list of contents that we do not allow on your homepage (target URL):

No pornography/linking to pornography.
No illegal activity, ie. copyright infringement, illegal mp3s, ch*ld p0rn.
No hate/politically extreme sites or linking to such, ie. nazi, terror-support.
We do not allow any get rich quick schemes/rip-off/phishing attempts etc.

Traffic Limits:

We reserve the right to cancel your short url based on your traffic if it is causing slowdowns for our other clients. We can handle millions upon millions of hits each day on our server, but if your site alone has that sort of traffic we will probably cancel it. (This rule only applies to redirection accounts)

Target URL Functionality:

Your target URL (the URL for your homepage that you specify on sign up) must be valid and work. It must also be under your control (ie. do not try and set up a short URL account pointing at Redirection to short/redirection url URLs is not allowed, ie. do not register an account at with a target URL like Failure to keep it valid according to these rules can result in immediate termination.

Breaking out of frames (cloaked redirection):

Any attempt, by scripts or whatever, to break out of the frames used on accounts with cloaked redirection is prohibited and will result in your accont being cancelled.

Sponsor Links:

To limit the amount of spammers using we have decided NOT to allow sponsor target URLs anymore. We are sorry for the trouble this may cause to people intending legitimate businesses with their short url. Any accounts found to point to some affiliate link are therefore subject to deletion. (We CAN allow this on a case-by-case basis, email us...)

Multiple Accounts:

It is allowed for one individual to have more than one short URL account. However a unique email address is enforced for each new account. NOTICE: You may not register multiple accounts for the same target url/IP/target site; some or all of your duplicate accounts may be deleted.


You are NOT allowed to send out spam through any means whatsoever, even if it is unrelated to your specific subdomain at We reserve the right to refuse service to any person found to be spamming.


We are aware of lots of scammers trying to lure credit cards and/or account information from innocent internet surfers. If your subdomain or if you personally are involved in any such deal we will close you down immediately, and if applicable report you to the relevant people.


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